Splendid Browser Manager​​

The fastest way to launch multiple browser instances

 Current Version: 1.0.0 – ( 07.29.2019 ) 

Create unlimited profiles


Free demo version

Automatic updates

Increase productivity

Instructions and how-to’s

How it works - 2 easy steps​

Step 1:

Download and install Splendid Browser Manager, then run it and click Quick Start. Or you can create a new profile and launch it with the play button.

Step 2:​

Done! That’s is now just go and use your newly spawned browser.

Who is it for​

Normal computer users

Blocked content in your country? Don't want your child to see your browsing history?

Splendid Browser Manager has you covered.

Just create separate instances for all your needs!

Internet marketers​

Are you a social media marketer? SEO specialist? Do you manage multiple profiles or accounts in a single site?

Proxies and User Agents are supported in Splendid Browser Manager


Are you a website developer? Browser plugins developer?

Open a new instance and test your solution on a clean never before used browser.